Live an EMPOWERED life and discover your most POWERFUL self.


Inside our Yoga Studio, something truly amazing is happening…

The magic happens the moment you step onto your yoga mat. At STRIDE Yoga you’ll experience the difference between a workout that changes your body and one that changes your life.

With this unique one-of-a-kind yoga experience you’ll push past physical boundaries while finding a balance between strength and surrender. With an open mind and beating heart, you’ll turn curiosity into confidence, uncertainty into conviction, stress into sweat.

We believe in working every muscle and every emotion and that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is TIME… 

Time to be truly present in your mind, body and soul. Inspired, awakened and truly connected to the world around you and with-in you.

Welcome to the STRIDE experience,
Welcome to the community,
Welcome home.

 At STRIDE Yoga we believe in variation that is the reason we offer 5 kinds of classes. See the description below. And choose the one who fits you best. Want to join us for a free try out? Send us an email:

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STRIDE Stretch & Release (Yin)

“Speak Your Truth”

A deeply restorative practice with a slow pace. In STRIDE Stretch & Release classes there’s time to alleviate stress & soreness, access the fascia/connective tissues in your body and give your mind a well-deserved moment of reflection. These classes emphasize floor postures to stretch, open and release the entire body; reboot and rebuild with a series of holding postures that focus on stretching and breathing.

Class Level: All levels (including beginners)

STRIDE Slow (Hatha/Vinyasa)

“Practice Makes Powerful”

A well-rounded practice with a slower pace. In STRIDE Slow classes there’s time to explore individual postures so that new students can build confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students can refine fundamentals of alignment and dive deeper into the practice.

Rise and Shine Yoga 
A well-rounded practice to start your day with good energy. Start your morning focussing on you and your body. The class is perfect for beginners but also more experienced students. 
Class Level: All levels (including beginners)

STRIDE 50/50 Flow (Vinyasa Flow)

"Experience Your Yin & Yang"

Enjoy the best from both worlds. In STRIDE 50/50 Flow classes you will both be active (the yang), flowing between postures using the breath to connect, as well as finding the stillness (the yin) in the more passive part of the class, giving you time to reconnect, recharge and relax.

Class Level: All levels (including beginners)

STRIDE Power Flow (Vinyasa Flow)

“Power-up Your Purpose”

A more dynamic practice with an accelerated pace. In STRIDE Power Flow classes there’s a continuous flow. A fluid, creative and energizing experience designed to challenge you. Develop strength, flexibility and stamina as you challenge your body and mind.

Class Level: All levels & experienced

STRIDE HeartCore Flow (Vinyasa Flow)

“The Hard Core Truth”

A more dynamic practice with a steady pace. In STRIDE HeartCore Flow classes there’s a continuous flow. A heart and core connecting experience designed to challenge you while integrating core strength and stability. Develop a core connection, core strength and core stamina as you challenge your body and mind.

Class Level: All levels & experienced

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 * Because of the summer schedule changes may apply 


09:30 Rise and Shine - Elena
18:00 Power Flow - Eleni
19:45 Stretch & Release - Eleni 


07:15 Power Flow - Lo-Fei
18:30 HeartCore Flow - Charlotte
20:15 Slow - Camilla


18:00 Power Flow - Camilla
19:30 Stretch & Release - Camilla


09:30 50/50 Flow - Mai
18:30 Slow - Marco
20:00 50/50 Flow - Marco


09:00 HeartCore Flow - Eleni
10:30 Stretch & Release - Eleni


09:00 Rise and Shine - Maaike
10:30 50/50 Flow - Camilla


Private yoga classes

Integrating yoga into your regular workout routine is beneficial on so many levels. It can help prevent injury, relax muscles, speed up the recovery from sore muscles, and work to improve your flexibility. First of all, if you’ve never done yoga before, chances are you aren’t that flexible. Don’t worry, increased flexibility comes with practice. And secondly, there is no such thing as being terrible at yoga! Similar to personal fitness trainer a private yoga teacher designs a class specific to the needs of students. These private instructions give you the opportunity to experience a class designed to your body, your abilities and your goal.

  Private yoga sessions suits you who:  

•          are a beginner and want to learn correct postures without getting intimidated or feeling nervous in a group class
•          want to deepen your practice
•          have health issues and/or injuries
•          want to develop a yoga practice that you can do at home
Furthermore, the benefits of reduced stress and increased oxygen levels (by simply breathing more efficiently) can give you an overall sense of wellbeing.

Package deal 12 classes for €900 euros. One class (60 minutes) €80 euros.

Are you interested in a private yoga class? send an email to: