Taufan Homan - Owner/Trainer

1973 ‘I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one’ Kill the bitch The Zone Trainer Personal Trainer

Jeroen Derks - General Manager/Senior Trainer

1974 B-ball #lovenetflix
There is no I in Team!  The Zone Trainer Personal Trainer

Joanna Damen - Wendholt - Trainer

1979 HIIT ME! #smilesalltheway Originated in the UK The Zone Trainer

R'kia Faiz - Trainer

1977 ' Every Person can make the difference ' so let's start to make the difference in you. #bepowerful The Zone Trainer

Shalini Opmeer - Office assistant

1983 'The mindset of TEAM Stride makes all the difference' #Footballatfirstsight#UEL

Morad Aissati - Trainer

1985 ‘When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge’#Fightagainstthe
#NolimitationsThe Zone Trainer

Jesset Zweverink - Trainer

1991‘Pain is just weakness leavingyourbody’
#dreambigThe Zone Trainer

Nikos Domvridis - Trainer

1980 #MrBulletproof  “Get out your comfort zone and see magic” Crosszone trainer

Eleni Valkanou - Yoga Teacher

1987 A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

Siobhan Milner - Trainer

1992 - Kiwi in Holland - Always eating - Professional Hip Shaker - #thelittlestbully - “Tell yourself you can do it!” - The Zone Trainer - Ride Trainer - Personal Trainer

Ronald Struik- Trainer

1970 Quitting shows only weakness within persistence lies pure strength#Instruiktor #foodlover #musicmixer RIDE&BOOTCAMP teacher

Sergio Velasco - Stride Ride Manager & Ride Trainer

 1990“Don't let anyone walk through your mind with dirty shoes”#theneedy #trainer #indoorcyclingtrainer #performance STRIDERIDE Manager & Ride Trainer

Photography: Ellen de Monchy